Get GPS Inside

Accurate time sync and position for Small Cells, enabling Indoor Mobile Location, public safety E911, consumer and enterprise indoor location services.

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Not just a clock ticking, precise time means delivering 4G peak wireless data and that means IP networks can fulfill the difference — between financial profits and loss, or securing national power grids, ensuring seamless broadband communications to name a few.
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Indoor Location

iPosi’s patented technology detects weak GPS signals inside environments where conventional GPS and mobile devices currently cannot be detected. The company’s assisted GPS/GNSS solution provides instant indoor 3D location to E911 first responders with unprecedented accuracy. Read more ...


Public Venue

Retailers have access to shoppers’ buying and lifestyle habits as they move through commercial venues. iPosi’s location-based information works in partnership with this data enabling retailers to respond to consumers with messaging that meets their immediate purchasing needs. Read more...


"iPosi is teaming with world class GIS system providers to present accurate pre-verified dispatchable location references based on accurate, continuously updated GNSS positions which match addresses and their precise (within lot or building) mapping coordinates." Read more...